You will always struggle in your Coaching Business...

Until you learn how to sell. That's a fact. 

And the nightmare of losing your business becomes a very real scenario, if selling is not your strength. People telling you: I told you so! and looking stupid will be the least of your problems. 

Having to go back and get a job because you failed in business...

is was what most coaches and small business owners are terrified of.

When you start out in business as a solopreneur, you usually have no idea how to sell. In fact your sales conversions are so low, that keeping your business afloat is a constant struggle. You are living from month to month, have sleepless night after sleepless night because you are afraid that - if you do not sell - your income stream will be drying up and you will not know how to pay the bills for the business the next month.

To help Businesses just like yours we created THE SALESGAME MASTERPLAYER EXPERIENCE™ based on the studies about the best way to learn thru interaction and activities.

THE SALESGAME MASTERPLAYER EXPERIENCE™ is a fast paced game which offers a fun way to learn the fundamentals of sales and - if you are already pretty good at sales - puts your skills to the test!

We are looking forward to playing with you,

Nathalie Sabrina Dahl


Our Partner


What clients say about our Sales Programs


Before I attented I was so scared of sales, it was a full rejection, I would do whatever it took  not to sell, when I came to Zurich I could see there was another way arround it - it was a mindshift. Biggest takeaway: I was able to sell during the course - for the first time my own product! Huge recommendation - thank you!

Diana Blanco, Spain


"Before I attended the Sales & Leadership Mastery my speeches were very low on energy, during the program I gained a lot of energy and I highly recommend you to go to this training, it lifts you up to a new level. After all: Sales = Energy!"

Cornelia Handschin, Switzerland


"I learned most how to sell myself better, how to have more confidence. And a very nice side-effect was that I increased my overall sales about 40 % that year. I highly recommend the 2 day Sales Explosion Program (former name of Sales & Leadership Mastery)!

Florian Fritz, Vienna Austria

Founder of  The Millionaire Mind Money School

You will learn

The Ultimate Sales Mastery Method™


Learn the biggest secret to sales and how to become a superstar in sales with the Ultimate Sales Mastery Method™ - because after all: Sales = Income and the better you earn, the better you live.

The Fundamental Sales Game Plan™


The Fundamental Sales Game Plan™ will show you how easy it is to sell, once you are clear on the Fundamentals. Because of the 1:1 experience you will have during the game, the next steps to scale your business will become crystal clear to you .

The Confidence Booster Formula™


Learning the The Confidence Booster Formula™ will have a big impact on the impression you will give in a sales situation. The more confident you are, the better you sell.

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Karl der Grosse 

Kirchgasse 14 - 8001 Zürich  


May 8th, 2019, 7 pm - 10 pm


  • VIP including book and best seating: CHF 29.-
  • Regular Ticket: FREE

Book now: ZURICH, April 2, 2020



Karl der Grosse 

Kirchgasse 14 - 8001 Zürich  


May 8th, 2019, 7 pm - 10 pm


  • VIP including book and best seating: CHF 29.-
  • Regular Ticket: FREE


"I always thought that I could never learn how to sell. After the program I realized even I can learn it! We got a super structure to follow and a lot of practice."

Anette Schreiber, Germany

Founder of Life Peaks


"I learned to do sales in a very structured way, my confidence and focus on selling is way bigger - thank you!"

Caty Hendriks, Netherlands

Hendriks & Co

Impression of the last Game in Zurich

Playing THE SALESGAME MASTERPLAYER EXPERIENCE™ in Zürich with 32 awesome individuals from the #CashflowClupSchweiz Community: The athmosphere was explosive!

and Vienna

Playing with 20 individals in the middle of Vienna, awesome learnings with this incredibly smart group!

Impressions of the 1st Game in Lenzburg

Your Lead Trainer


Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

is the Founder and CEO of THE VICTORY LOG (SWITZERLAND) AG, a provider of an interactive coaching platform. She is an international speaker and serial entrepreneur and she studied psychology, web design and personal development for more than 2 decades. 

Coming from over 20 years of business background, she stands for programs that create results in record time, no BS and straightforward Coaching and Training. She has proven that outstanding results do not necessarily require a lot of time – and that her proven processes can recreate this success over and over again for her students, too. 

Her specialty is the combination of business knowledge and personal development in her trainings, using “Accelerated Learning Techniques”, originally created by Dr. Georgi Lozanov. These techniques address both the left and the right brain with interactive learning methods such as role playing, games, exercises and they are aiming at bringing out the best in the audience and making the learning experience entertaining, memorable and profound.  

"Before the Sales & Leadership program I was procrastinating too much, after the program I am now a much better listener & planer and I can controll my little voice. I highly recommend the program if you want to improve not only in sales but being a leader for your peers!"

Michiel von de Watering

Founder of

Would a boost in your sales performance be welcome?

Let's play! THE SALESGAME MASTERPLAYER EXPERIENCE™ will  teach you more in 3 hours than you have learned in 3 years studying sales at University or School.

This workshop is not for you if you

  • expect a boring, class-room style teaching environment
  • like sleeping during a meetup
  • if you are happy with where you are right now - in terms of sales
  • if learning is a nuisance to you
  • and if you already know it all


BUT if you are...

  • ready and open for new strategies and techniques
  • eager to be thinking outside of the box
  • happy with a dramatic sales increase over the next couple of weeks
  • always ready to learn
  • and willing to play a bigger game

this evening is perfect for you! We are looking forward to playing with you,

Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

CEO and Founder of